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Crafting your Job Post

A fresh new approach is required for advertising your position and attracting the right candidates who will be a good fit for your dental team. This approach must revolve around human values and employ a relatable, insightful, authentic feel.

In this shifting, dynamic dental jobs market the workforce is looking for job posts that stand out. People notice an ad that speaks to them, that grabs their attention, they resonate with.

Considering what candidates typically notice and finds appealing about your position is what Lync Dental understands.

To create an attention-grabbing dental job listing, especially in the current competitive field of dental recruitment, it’s crucial to understand what candidates notice and find appealing. A central element in your job listing should be a clear focus on what’s in it for the applicant. Candidates are increasingly looking for positions that offer both personal and professional benefits. Keep it short and punchy and make it sound/feel like your practice, reflecting your employer ‘brand’.

Start with a Punchy Job Description up front

Describe the exact brief details of the role in 1 sentence, make it clear and crisp and tempt candidates to read more.

A Compelling Introduction

Begin the body of your job listing with a captivating introduction that tells a story or paints a picture of what it’s like to work at your dental practice. This can immediately engage candidates and make them curious about the opportunity. 

Highlight Your Practice's Lived Values

Emphasise the core values of your dental practice in the job listing. Explain how these values shape the work environment and the level of care provided to patients. For example, if empathy and patient-centric care are important, make this clear Ensure these are lived values, authentic and visible. 

Provide Insights into the Role

Give candidates a detailed understanding of what the role entails. Describe daily responsibilities, the role’s significance in patient care, and the impact they can make within the practice. 

Showcase Career Growth Opportunities

Dental professionals are often keen on continuous learning and career advancement. Mention how your practice supports ongoing education, certifications, and career growth within the organisation. 

Use Relatable Language

Craft the job listing using relatable language that speaks directly to potential candidates. Avoid jargon and complex terms. Write as if you’re having a conversation with the reader.  This also helps the candidate gain a feel for your culture. 

Highlight Team Dynamics

Discuss the dynamics of your dental team. Mention how collaboration, mutual support, and a friendly atmosphere are integral to your practice, if they are. This can help candidates envision their fit within the team. 

Share Patient-Centric Stories

Share brief, anonymised patient stories that illustrate the kind of compassionate care your practice provides. This can resonate with candidates who value patient relationships. 

Include Testimonials

If possible, incorporate testimonials from current team members. Let them share their experiences working at your practice, emphasising the positive aspects that candidates might find appealing. 

Flexible Work Arrangements

If your practice offers flexible work arrangements, such as part-time positions or flexible hours, highlight this in the listing to attract candidates seeking work-life balance. 

Benefits and Perks

List the benefits and perks of the position, including competitive compensation, CPD opportunities and any unique offerings like team-building activities or wellness programs. 

Application Process Transparency

Be transparent about the application process, including what candidates should expect after applying. Mention estimated response times and any assessment or interview stages. 

Encourage a Personal Touch

Encourage candidates to share what makes them passionate about dentistry and patient care in their cover letters. This can help you identify individuals who align with your practice’s values. 

End with a Call to Action

Conclude the listing with a clear call to action, inviting candidates to apply and join your team. Use inviting language to encourage them to take the next step. 

Engage Through Multiple Channels

Share your Lync Dental job listing on your practice’s website, social media, and to your network.   Ensure consistency in messaging across all channels. 

Follow Up and Provide Feedback

Once candidates apply, promptly acknowledge their applications and provide feedback after interviews. A positive candidate experience can contribute to a strong employer brand. 

Crafting unique dental ads that resonate with both the values of your practice and the aspirations of potential candidates can be the key to building a dedicated and talented dental team that ensures the highest level of care for your patients. 

For more tips and tricks visit your Employer Resources page

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Crafting the Perfect Job Vacancy Advertisement: A Comprehensive Guide

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2. Hygienist: 🌟 "Crafting an Effective Hygienist Job Advertisement: Essential Tips"

Learn how to create job ads that attract skilled Hygienists to maintain those sparkling grins.

3. Oral Health Therapist (OHT): 🌟 "Crafting an Effective Job Advertisement for an Oral Health Therapist: Tips for Success"

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4. Dental Assistant: 🌟"Creating a Winning Job Advertisement for a Dental Assistant: A Comprehensive Guide"

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5. Practice Manager: 🌟 "Effective Practice Manager Ads: Key Considerations"

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Your Guide to Hiring the Dentist that compliments your practice: Questions and Tips You Need to consider when crafting your Dentist position post.

Are you in the process of adding a Dentist to your dental practice dream team? We've got you covered! Finding the right dentist is like discovering the perfect piece to complete a puzzle. To make sure you're on the right track, we've put together a list of questions and tips for consideration that will help you find the ideal fit for your practice, and we're here to guide you through it.

Consider what is important to you and your team, to your specific workplace culture. What are the non-negotiables? What is your vision for a new dentist joining your team?

Let's start with the basics. What level of experience are you looking for in your new dentist? Are you open to a fresh graduate, or do you want someone with years of experience under their belt? Make a decision for one or the other, be specific.

New Grad or Pro:
Speaking of fresh graduates, are you open to welcoming one? If so, will you provide mentorship to nurture their growth and build on the foundations? Will you share your wisdom supporting their care for patients of your practice?

What are the days required?

What days are available? Is there specific needs when chairs are free or is this flexible and negotiable?

Patient Booking Hours:
When are patients scheduled? It's crucial to know the booking hours and if there are any specific scheduling quirks, this affects the current team. Is there flexibility?

Remuneration Range:
Money matters! Talk about the salary range you have in mind to set clear expectations from the get-go. Research shows 30% of candidates will not apply for a position where the remuneration is not listed in the ad.

Morning Huddles:
Are morning huddles part of your practice culture? Do you expect your new dentist to join in?

Patient Base:
What is the picture of your current patient base? Any unique characteristics your new dentist should know about?

What about your appointment books?

Are you looking for a dentist to build their patient list from scratch, to grow their books? Is there a backlog of eager patients waiting to be cared for?

Desired Procedures/Techniques:
Let's get specific. Are there particular procedures or techniques you'd like your new dentist to excel in? Share the details!

Discuss your facilities:
How many rooms and clinicians do you currently have? What specialised technology and equipment do you have to provide high level care to your patients?

Consider what's a big no-no for you? Are there any deal-breakers, non-negotiables for you and your team? Then position this as in the positive - what is it you DO want?

Daily Production Goals:
Do you have daily production goals - know your numbers! Setting expectations for what is required creates clarity and certainty.

Employment Status:
Is your new dentist going to be part of the practice as an employee, or are they working as a contractor or on an SFA? Will they require an ABN?
What additional benefits do you offer? Do you provide CPD opportunities, staff discounts, incentives and other social events?

Uniform Supply:
The dress code matters! Will you be supplying uniforms, or should your new dentist come equipped with their own stylish scrubs? Set the expectations.

Ideal Dentist Description Paint a picture of your ideal dentist. What skills, attributes, and qualities are you looking for? What are the values that will match culture and vision? Avoid qualities that are ‘a given’ such as punctuality

Additional Information Is there anything else you'd like to share with potential candidates? This is your chance to add any extra flavour to the mix. What is your unique employee brand? Ask your team members to describe your secret sauce?
Hiring a dentist isn't just about finding a professional; it's about finding a partner who fits seamlessly into your practice's culture and philosophy and adds to it. With these questions in hand, you're well on your way to assembling your ideal dental team!


Crafting an Effective Hygienist Job Advertisement: Essential Tips

Are you on the hunt for a dental hygienist to join your practice? Crafting a compelling job advertisement is the first step to attracting the right candidates. To help you stand out in a competitive job market and find the ideal fit for your dental team, we've put together essential tips for creating an attention-grabbing preventative practitioner job ad.

Start with a Clear Job Title:
Begin your job ad with a clear and specific job title. Instead of just "Dental Hygienist," consider adding more detail like "Experienced Dental Hygienist" or "Full-time Dental Hygienist." Be specific with your needs and create clarity.

Highlight the Work Schedule:
Specify how many days a week your hygienist is needed and which days of the week. This helps candidates understand the time commitment. Is there room for negotiation and flexibility?

Describe Patient Booking Hours:
Be transparent about the hours during which patients will be booked. This helps candidates assess if the schedule aligns with their availability. State your expectations for preparation before seeing patients (e.g., 30 minutes before patient appointments) and any end of day responsibilities.

Be Clear About Downtime Expectations:
Share your practice's expectations regarding downtime, including handling FTA’s (Failed to Attend) and cancellations. Are there specific tasks to be undertaken adding value to the role and the team?

Specify Hygiene department Appointment Duration:
Mention how long hygiene appointments typically last in your practice. This gives candidates an idea of the pace of work and the focus for their care. Clarify whether dental examinations are conducted within the hygiene appointment time or separately.

Highlight No-Charge Review Policy:
If you offer no-charge reviews, make sure to mention this in your ad. It's a great benefit to potential candidates to provide valuable follow up and practice building for your patients.

Emphasise Recall Time Frames
Indicate if you have flexible ‘recall’ time frames (e.g., 3 months, 4 months, 6 months) for patients. This shows your commitment to preventive care.

Outline the New Patient Process
Describe the process for handling new patients and reactivation patients, providing insights into how the role contributes to patient retention.

Address DA support
Does your Hygienist have DA support when completing periodontal charts or other procedures? Set expectations for room management, changeovers and sterilisation processes to maintain a safe and efficient practice and maximising value to the patient.

Radiographs and Periodontal Charting:
Specify whether regular radiographs are taken and how often? Also, mention if periodontal charting with code 221 is a standard practice.

Uniform Supply:
If you provide uniforms, make sure to mention it. Candidates appreciate knowing what to expect regarding dress code.

Mention Provided Instruments and equipment:
If specific instruments are provided for your hygienists, list them in the job ad. It demonstrates your commitment to equipping your team with the necessary tools.

Additional Procedures and Expectations:
If there are additional procedures or expectations for the hygienist role, share them in detail to give candidates a comprehensive view of the position.

Ideal Hygienist Description:
Paint a picture of the ideal hygienist for your practice, including skills, attributes, and qualities you value. Avoid qualities that are ‘a given’ such as caring

Comprehensive Information:
Provide a space for any additional details or specifications you want to offer. Is there CPD provision, incentives or other benefits..

By following these tips, you can create an engaging and informative job advertisement that attracts qualified dental hygienist candidates to your practice. Finding the right fit is essential for providing exceptional patient care and building a strong dental team. Good luck with your recruitment process!


"Crafting an Effective Job Advertisement for an Oral Health Therapist: Tips for Success"

Start with a Clear Job Title:
Begin your job ad with a clear and specific job title. Instead of just "Oral Health Therapist," consider adding more detail like "Experienced Oral Health Therapist" or "Oral Health Therapist with extended scope"

Highlight Roles and Proportion
Clarify whether the OHT will be responsible for both hygiene and therapy appointments and specify the proportion, if applicable.

Specify Preferred Start Date
Mention the preferred start date to set expectations for when your new OHT would begin.

Clarify Adult Scope Requirement
Indicate whether you require the OHT to have an adult restorative scope in their practice.

Define Remuneration Range
Clearly define the remuneration range for the position to provide candidates with a salary expectation.

Detail Work Schedule
Specify how many days per week are required for this position, including the specific days and hours during which patients will be booked.

Set Expectations
Explain any expectations regarding preparation before and after patient appointments and downtime, including handling no-shows and cancellations.

Appointment Duration
Mention the typical duration of OHT appointments to give candidates an idea of the pace of work.

Highlight Benefits
If you offer benefits like no-charge reviews or flexible 'recall' time frames, make sure to mention them as they can be attractive to candidates and add value to patient care.

Specify the role's responsibilities, including whether your OHT will be responsible for examinations and diagnosis.

Patient Handling
Describe the process for handling various patient categories, such as new patients, reactivation, restorative, general maintenance, and review patients.

Address DA support
Will DA support be provided for all procedures or specific care? Set expectations for room management, changeovers and sterilisation processes to maintain a safe and efficient practice and maximising value to the patient.

Radiographs and Charting
Detail if the practice takes regular radiographs and completes periodontal charting

Uniform Provision
Mention whether uniforms are provided or if candidates should come prepared with their own, setting expectations.

Technology available.
List the specific equipment you provide in your practice and specialised instruments provided for the OHT to demonstrate your commitment to providing for your team to offer a high level of care.

Additional Procedures
If there are additional procedures you would like your OHT to perform, detail them in the advertisement.

Ideal Candidate Description
Paint a picture of the ideal OHT for your practice, including the skills, attributes, and qualities you value. Avoid qualities that are ‘a given’ such as ‘good with patients’

Comprehensive Information
Provide a space for any additional details or specifications you want to offer. Is there CPD provision, incentives or other benefits..

By following these tips and including comprehensive information in your job advertisement, you'll increase your chances of attracting well-qualified candidates who understand the role and your practice's expectations. This transparency is essential for finding the perfect fit for your team. Good luck with your recruitment process!