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Category: LyncTalent

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  • LyncTalent
    LyncTalent Package
  • Unlimited Job

    $0.00 +GST for 1 year
    • Unlimited number of jobs
    • Jobs are posted for 30 days

    Product Criteria:

    Individual Usage
    The product is designed for use by a single person or associated with a specific email address.

    Limited to One User
    The product license is restricted to only one individual, ensuring exclusive access for the designated user.

    Unlimited Job Postings
    The product include the feature of unlimited job postings for a duration of one year.

    One-Year Duration
    The product or usage is valid for a period of one year from the date of activation or purchase.

    Single Practice Management
    The product allows the management of job postings for only one dental practice.

    Exclusive Practice Access
    Users of the product can post and manage job listings exclusively for the specified dental practice.

    The product and its associated benefits are non-transferable, ensuring that only the original user or email account can utilize the features.

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