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Pricing Plans

Ensuring you find the right team for your dental practice is vital. We provide various options to meet your search needs and budget, including basic and featured job postings, Premium access, including dental resume searches and LyncTalent – ‘done for you packages’ We got you covered.

1. Start with the basics

Each Lync Dental Plan offers:

Customised Solutions

Varies based on needs

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Job Listing Products FAQ's:

For any further questions or assistance, feel free to reach out to Lync Dental.

Featured ad has all these additional benefits + the benefits of the standard ad.

Increased Visibility:
 A featured job listing is typically displayed prominently at the top of job search results. This prime placement can significantly increase the visibility of your job opening, ensuring it’s one of the first things job seekers see when they search for relevant positions.

Better Ranking: Featured listings often receive preferential ranking in search results. This means that when candidates search for terms like “dental assistant jobs” or “dental technician jobs,” your featured job is more likely to appear near the top, increasing the chances of attracting qualified applicants.

Eye-Catching Badge: Featured listing Badge to make your job ad stand out and capture the attention of job seekers.

Highlighting Key Information: You can use the featured listing to highlight specific details about the job, such as competitive salary, unique benefits, or a strong company culture. This helps you attract candidates who are a better fit for your organisation.

Increased Trust: Job seekers often perceive featured listings as more credible and trustworthy. They may think that companies willing to invest in a featured listing are serious about hiring.

If you have any more questions or need further information related to dental job listings, feel free to ask.

All job postings will provide 30 days of visibility for the dental workforce.

Premium Members enjoy ongoing access to job seeker resumes, providing continuous recruitment support.

Yes, both Standard and Premium Members can access job vacancy ad crafting tips to enhance the effectiveness of their listings.  

Ad Type

Standard Member

Premium Member

Simple Listing

$147 + GST

$110.25 + GST

Featured Listing

$187 + GST

$140.25 + GST