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Level up your business with premium employer resources. Elevate HR, empower teams, and stay ahead in talent management. Your success, simplified.

Pay Rates

Health Professionals and Support Services Award pay rates. Simple tables to help you identify the correct rate quickly and easily

Tips And Tricks

Straightforward ideas and insights to assist you in team development, fostering growth, and aligning your team effectively

LyncTalent Package

Simplify finding your ideal team members with the LyncTalent package — make it effortless, personalised, and designed for lasting success!

Job Description Templates

Streamline your dental team's roles and responsibilities with our user-friendly job description templates.

Employment Agreement Templates

Standardised frameworks for outlining terms and conditions in compliance with Australian employment laws, based on NES and the Award

Exclusive Premium Employers Facebook Group

A closed group to connect, share insights, access premium content, and foster a supportive community.

Exclusive Premium Employers Facebook Group


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