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Premium Membership

Becoming a Premium Employer supports you to stand out in a crowded market.  It shows you care about your team and your employer brand.  Be noticed and gain access to exlcusive benefits. 


$997 +GST / annually

Why partnering with Lync Dental Premium can be a strategic move for your practice

Time Efficiency

We understand the demands of running a dental practice. Let us take the reins of the recruitment process, with exclusive access to purchase our LyncTalent package, freeing up your team’s time to focus on the core aspects of your business.

Nationwide Network​

Whether you're sourcing dental assistant positions in Perth, seeking dental hygienists in Adelaide, a skilled dentist in Far North Queensland, or any other role, we have an exclusive network of workforce who have specifically connected with us and seek out introduction to Premium Members

Strategic Team Building

At Lync Dental, we recognise that the success of a dental practice hinges on the quality of its team. We're not just talking skills; we're talking about aligning individuals with your values and cultivating a workplace culture that breeds success - our network understands this

Decades of Industry Insight

With over 36 years of experience including ownership of two practices, our founder Lyn’s, journey in the dental industry has equipped us with valuable insights. We bring this wealth of unique knowledge to the table to assist you in making informed decisions.

Financial Prudence

Hiring the wrong fit can lead to significant costs – from wages and training expenses to team disruptions, time drain, frustration, and toxicity. Lync Dental Premium Membership offers expert guidance to help you navigate this minefield, ensuring you onboard team members who thrive in your practice, minimising both financial and emotional stress.

For just $997 +GST

That’s less than $20 a week

Enhance your dental recruitment journey with Lync Dental Premium Membership – experience a year of exclusive benefits tailored for you

LyncTalent Package

Struggling to find the right fit for your team? Tired of time-consuming hiring headaches? With the *LyncTalent* package we will connect you with ideal potential candidates already vetted for your practice.

The Premium 'Done for You' package is exclusive to our Premium Members