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Find the perfect job listing option for your business and unlock access to exceptional dental talent through our platform. 

Unlock a world of possibilities with Lync Dental, tailored to elevate your experience. When you register as an employer you gain instant access to a range of exclusive features designed to streamline your job posting and search process.
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All Standard features plus:

Lync Dental Premium Membership

Key Benefits

Job Posting Access

Post your basic or featured job advertisements instantly, reaching a targeted audience within the dental industry.

Direct Candidate Contact

Forge direct connections with potential candidates, ensuring efficient communication throughout the hiring process.

Ad Crafting Tips

Receive valuable insights and tips to craft compelling job vacancy advertisements, maximizing your reach and attracting top-tier talent.

Monthly Newsletters

Stay informed with our monthly newsletters, delivering the latest updates on dental workforce news, trends, and opportunities directly to your inbox.

Members-Only Facebook Group - Coming Soon!

Join our exclusive community on Facebook, connecting with like-minded professionals, sharing experiences, and gaining access to a supportive network within the dental industry.

For Dental Professionals by Dental Professionals
What we offer
Why partnering with Lync Dental Premium can be a strategic move for your practice
Diverse Job Listing Products

Explore our range of specialised job listing products, including the option to select a ‘Done for You’ solution, perfectly suited to your unique requirements in finding the right fit for your hiring or job search needs.

Enhance your profile

Craft a distinctive profile that captures attention and sets you apart in the job market. Join our exclusive dental community, designed to benefit both jobseekers and employers. Experience a world of opportunities tailored to meet your individual needs while addressing the specific demands of the dental industry.

Dental Industry Trends and Resources

Gain access to a wealth of valuable resources that will empower you in your career journey. From expert tips and guides to industry insights, we have you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon signing up as an Employer, you gain exclusive access to your personalised job dashboard. This dashboard offers a range of features: 

  • Purchase and create job listings
  • Manage your job listings 
  • Direct access to applicants
  • Receive direct messages from applicants
  • Storing your practice, or multiple practice, details

Absolutely! Enjoy instant access to post both standard and featured job advertisements as soon as you have signed up and verified your email. Depending on your unique role requirements.  Reach a broader audience and attract top-notch candidates effortlessly.

Simple and Featured Listings are active for 45 days, unless you take then down when the role is filled. 

Increased Visibility: A featured job listing is  displayed prominently at the top of job search results. This prime placement can significantly increase the visibility of your job opening, ensuring it’s one of the first things job seekers see when they search for relevant positions.

Highlighted Blue: Differentiated from standard listings by listing background colour.

Better Ranking: Featured listings often receive preferential ranking in search results. This means that when candidates search for terms like “dental assistant jobs” or “dental technician jobs,” your featured job is more likely to appear near the top, increasing the chances of attracting qualified applicants.

Eye-Catching Badge: Featured listing Badge to make your job ad stand out and capture the attention of job seekers.

Highlighting Key Information: You can use the featured listing to highlight specific details about the job, such as competitive salary, unique benefits, or a strong company culture. This helps you attract candidates who are a better fit for your organisation.

Increased Trust: Job seekers often perceive featured listings as more credible and trustworthy. They may think that companies willing to invest in a featured listing are serious about hiring.

If you have any more questions or need further information related to dental job listings, feel free to ask.

As an Employer member, you’ll have direct contact with potential candidates. Forge meaningful connections and communicate efficiently to find the best fit for your team.

Certainly! Benefit from our job vacancy ad crafting tips to enhance the visibility and appeal of your job listings. Maximise your chances of attracting the right talent.

Premium Membership is a yearly subscription providing so much value – all the benefits of Standard Membership,

  • four included ‘featured’ job posts per year
  • a 25% rate reduction on all job posts over and above the included posts
  • access to job seeker resumes
  • provide your unique practice profile 
  • templates for contracts and job descriptions
  • updated award pay rates
  • access to the exclusive LyncTalent ‘Done for You’ package
  • Premium Members only FB group.

The LyncTalent ‘Done for You’ package is our signature package and is a comprehensive posting and recruitment
service that includes:

  • job ad writing based on your specific placement request
  • filtering, sifting and sorting of applicants
  • phone interviews with potential candidates
  • detailed questionnaire
  • and Big 5 profile
  • suitable candidates introduced to you for next steps
  • all candidates thanked and notified of outcomes.

The LyncTalent ‘Done for You’ package is an option exclusively for premium members.

Discover our unique edge – our magic lies in truly living and breathing dentistry. We excel at finding candidates perfectly suited for your team. All you have to do is schedule a meeting with them.

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Never stop learning in the dental field.
Seek professional development opportunities,
stay up-to-date, and let knowledge unlock new doors.
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Why choose us

What sets us apart

Inside Knowledge

We are local Dental Professionals who know and understand the Australian Industry inside and out

Dental Business Excellence

Our founder has been a Dental Practice owner of two successful practices

Team Development

Matching culture and values. We know first hand the importance of a stable, harmonious and aligned team.

Inside Knowledge

We are local Dental Professionals who know and understand the Australian Industry inside and out

Dental Business Excellence

Our founder has been a Dental Practice owner of two successful practices

Team Development

Matching culture and values. We know first hand the importance of a stable, harmonious and aligned team.