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LyncTalent “Done For You”

LyncTalent 'Done For You' Package

Discover our unique edge – our magic lies in truly living and breathing dentistry. 

Lync Dental’s purpose is to meet the needs by connecting people who are a values match, like-minded individuals, and aligned to the practice culture.

Finding your ideal team member can be like finding a needle in a haystack, and you might be lucky, or not. With the LyncTalent package we understand, filter, sort, match dental candidates for you role.

When we connect you with a candidate we won’t provide a list of people, we will have done the yards, and introduce a person who we believe to be a match. With our years of experience, this has proven to be a successful process for many practices and individuals.

We excel at finding ideal candidates suited for your team. All you have to do is schedule a meeting with them after we introduce you.

Choose LyncTalent – $1597 +gst per position.
Including limited time bonus – see below.

Why is LyncTalent the Perfect Solution for You?

Stress-Free Recruitment with Lync Dental: Prioritising Confidentiality

The ultimate solution for stress-free recruitment under the trusted Lync Dental brand, prioritising confidentiality. Our comprehensive service takes care of every step, from crafting standout job listings, to introducing you to suitable candidates.

Thorough Candidate Assessment: Beyond the Basics

We go the extra mile with thorough resume reviews, initial interviews, reference assessments, and even Big 5 personality profiles, providing you with a detailed Lync Dental jobseeker profile and tailored candidate introductions.

Commitment to Every Applicant: A Courteous Response for Every Inquiry

What sets us apart is our commitment to every applicant, ensuring they receive a courteous response, expressing gratitude for their interest, regardless of the outcome.

Saving Your Valuable Time: Beyond Candidate Selection

This unique service not only secures the right candidate but also gives your business back its valuable time. By handling the entire recruitment process, we allow you to focus on what matters most – the core operations of your business.

LyncTalent 'Done for You' Package: Exclusively for Premium Members

Exclusively available to our Premium members, the LyncTalent 'Done for You' package transforms recruitment into a seamless and respectful experience, ensuring efficiency without compromising your business's appreciation for time.

Quantifying the Value: What's Your Time and Energy Worth?

What's your time and energy worth? And how much is that 'perfect fit' candidate worth to your team?

The LyncTalent Package delivers genuine solutions. And here's a little extra: until June 30th 2024, we're including a bonus StandOut SEEK ad placement to elevate your reach. It's an investment in efficiency and success. Ready to make the most of your recruitment journey? Choose LyncTalent - $1597 +gst per position.