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Job Vacancy Ad Crafting Tips

Crafting your job post

In this shifting, dynamic dental jobs market the workforce is looking for job posts that stand out. People notice an ad that speaks to them, that grabs their attention, they resonate with.  

Considering what candidates typically notice and finds appealing about your position is what Lync Dental understands.   

To create an attention-grabbing dental job listing, especially in the current competitive field of dental recruitment, it’s crucial to understand what candidates notice and find appealing. A central element in your job listing should be a clear focus on what’s in it for the applicant. Candidates are increasingly looking for positions that offer both personal and professional benefits.  Keep it short and punchy and make it sound/feel like your practice, reflecting your employer ‘brand’.  

◘ Start with a Punchy Job Description up front

Describe the exact brief details of the role in 1 sentence, make it clear and crisp and tempt candidates to read more.

◘ A Compelling Introduction

Begin the body of your job listing with a captivating introduction that tells a story or paints a picture of what it’s like to work at your dental practice. This can immediately engage candidates and make them curious about the opportunity.

◘ Highlight Your Practice's Lived Values

Emphasise the core values of your dental practice in the job listing. Explain how these values shape the work environment and the level of care provided to patients. For example, if empathy and patient-centric care are important, make this clear. Ensure these are lived values, authentic and visible.

◘ Provide Insights into the Role

Give candidates a detailed understanding of what the role entails. Describe daily responsibilities, the role’s significance in patient care, and the impact they can make within the practice.

◘ Showcase Career Growth Opportunities

Dental professionals are often keen on continuous learning and career advancement. Mention how your practice supports ongoing education, certifications, and career growth within the organisation.

◘ Use Relatable Language

Craft the job listing using relatable language that speaks directly to potential candidates. Avoid jargon and complex terms. Write as if you’re having a conversation with the reader. This also helps the candidate gain a feel for your culture.

◘ Highlight Team Dynamics

Discuss the dynamics of your dental team. Mention how collaboration, mutual support, and a friendly atmosphere are integral to your practice, if they are. This can help candidates envision their fit within the team. 

◘ Share Patient-Centric Stories

Share brief, anonymised patient stories that illustrate the kind of compassionate care your practice provides. This can resonate with candidates who value patient relationships.

◘ Include Testimonials

If possible, incorporate testimonials from current team members. Let them share their experiences working at your practice, emphasising the positive aspects that candidates might find appealing.

◘ Flexible Work Arrangements

If your practice offers flexible work arrangements, such as part-time positions or flexible hours, highlight this in the listing to attract candidates seeking work-life balance. 

◘ Benefits and Perks

List the benefits and perks of the position, including competitive compensation, CPD opportunities and any unique offerings like team-building activities or wellness programs.

◘ Application Process Transparency

Be transparent about the application process, including what candidates should expect after applying. Mention estimated response times and any assessment or interview stages.

◘ Encourage a Personal Touch

Encourage candidates to share what makes them passionate about dentistry and patient care in their cover letters. This can help you identify individuals who align with your practice’s values.

◘ End with a Call to Action

Conclude the listing with a clear call to action, inviting candidates to apply and join your team. Use inviting language to encourage them to take the next step.

◘ Engage Through Multiple Channels

Share your Lync Dental job listing on your practice’s website, social media, and to your network. Ensure consistency in messaging across all channels.

◘ Follow Up and Provide Feedback

Once candidates apply, promptly acknowledge their applications and provide feedback after interviews. A positive candidate experience can contribute to a strong employer brand.

Crafting unique dental ads that resonate with both the values of your practice and the aspirations of potential candidates can be the key to building a dedicated and talented dental team that ensures the highest level of care for your patients.