Essential Features of a Top Dental Hiring Platform

Navigating the recruitment landscape to find the ideal fit for your dental practice can feel like traversing a minefield of challenges. In today’s climate of dental workforce shortages, the quest for candidates who not only align with your practice culture but also fulfil all dental  job requirements has become an uphill battle. The scarcity of suitable candidates exacerbates the situation, leaving dental practices grappling with prolonged vacancies and increased workload on existing staff.

Often a lack of internal recruitment processes and low employer brand awareness compounds the challenge. Without a defined strategy and strong employer brand, attracting ideal candidates becomes difficult. This lack of visibility prolongs hiring and increases the risk of settling for subpar hires who may not fit your culture or standards, and a constant revolving door.

Moreover, relying solely on luck and generic, public-’seeking’ sites to find dental team members is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack.  While having the broad reach, the sheer volume of applicants, coupled with the lack of a dental-specific platform, results in a time-consuming and costly experience. Each misaligned hire not only disrupts workflow but also undermines patient care and satisfaction, impacting the overall success and reputation of your practice.

Here’s how Lync Dental’s platform meets the specific needs of listing Dental Jobs and simplifying the journey:

Lync Dental’s Employer Dashboard: offers a user-friendly interface, enabling you to effortlessly post job ads, filter candidates and for Premium Members, browse resumes from a centralised account. With shortcuts to active job postings, viewing candidates, managing your recruitment process becomes a breeze.
Dental Practice Profile Creation: Showcase your practice’s unique identity by creating a comprehensive practice profile. Upload branding elements such as videos, pictures, and a practice banner to give candidates a glimpse into your culture. With the option to create multiple profiles tailored to different roles or locations, you can customise job ads for maximum exposure.
Step-by-Step Job Posting: The platform guides you through a five-step process to Post a Job with ease. From selecting your practice profile to specifying job details such as title, location, type and description, each step is intuitive and straightforward. 

    • Step 1: Choose your practice profile for this job posting, if you skipped this step earlier you will need to create the profile before you can move to Step 2 
    • Step 2:  requires you create a Job Title for your ad.  Keeping the title simple provides clarity for jobseekers. You can build out the role later in the description. 
    • Step 3: Allows you to provide the location in Australia for your role.  Jobseekers can search 1- 800 km radius to find a matching position. 
    • Step 4:  Choose a Job Type,  this step allows you to state the job’s specifics, such as whether the posting is for a casual or permanent position. 
    • Step 5: Select a Job Category, utilise the drop down menu for the relevant Dental Assistant, Dental Front Office, Dental Hygienist, Dental Lab Tech, Dental Sales Rep, or Dentist position
    • Step 6: Free type or copy and paste, a comprehensive description for the role This is where you can shine and provide all the information about the position. Describe your team culture and share your values.  Include links to your practice or videos and really allow your employer brand to attract.
    • Step 7: Preview your listing, make any final tweaks, or save a draft to return to.  To return to a draft go to manage jobs and the ⠇to edit, preview and continue to step 8.
    • Step 8: Choose Your Product, after previewing, go to the top right corner and choose your package.  Choose from Standard or Featured single listing or save on multiple packages.  If you are a Premium Member your included listings will appear in your subscription package already.
    • Step 9: Purchase your product of choice and your job will be posted on the site for 45 days and is emailed to all opted-in job seekers in your area.

      A brief overview of Lync Dental Job Posting Products –  All initial listing packages attract a 50% discount as a welcome to the platform.
      Package Category – Lync Dental
      ★ Standard Listing – single listing for 45 days = $147 +gst
      ★ Featured Listing – single listing for 45 days – stand out with practice logo and top of the page placement = $187 + gst
      ★ Save 3-7% on multiple listing packages which will be held in your dashboard for later use.

      Manage your jobs: Your specific job dashboard provides clear access to all applicants with a single view.  View applicant cover letters and resumes and any other uploads the candidate has provided, rate status, make notes and communicate all within the platform.
      Communication Tools: Effective communication is essential throughout the hiring process. messaging or email, allowing employers to easily connect with candidates and schedule interviews. Seamlessly connect with candidates using integrated direct messaging features, facilitating smooth communication from within the application.

Being a uniquely and specifically Dental niche, we attract high calibre candidates who are searching for their ideal dental practice match.  By leveraging these essential features, Lync Dental enables you to streamline your unique and specific dental hiring process and find the ideal candidates for your practice efficiently.

Sign up for your  free Dental Employer account today and experience the power of a dental specific platform with Lync Dental. Don’t let generic seeking and hiring challenges hinder your practice’s growth.