Wendy Henderson

Prior to joining Lync Squad I have had many interactions with Lyn. I have always found Lyn to be open and honest and have a wealth of personal experience and knowledge she generously uses to help others.  I had come to a point in my career of over thirty years as a Dental hygienist, where I needed a change. I had worked in the same specialist practice for over twenty-five years. As a senior team member, I was highly regarded in the practice, heavily relied upon, mentored and trained new staff and had very strong relationships with patients. I was heavily invested in and worked long hours in the practice. However, I was burnt out and had a very poor work life balance. This was creating health issues and relationship strains. I had also reached an age where I felt it was ‘now or never’. I always had a wish to pursue Orthodontics. It was an area of dentistry I had worked in previously and very much enjoyed. I am generally a confident person who knows my value. And yet, taking the leap to move on, move out of my comfort zone, was the scariest thing I have had to do in a long time.

I consider it a life changing move to have contacted Lyn in her Lync Squad capacity. Lyn did not just take my details and send me links to new jobs. Through the questionnaire and follow up discussions, Lyn took the time to understand what I was looking for in this next career step. The questions allowed me to clarify to myself what it is I was looking for, what I wished to achieve, what it was I needed to change.    When Lyn contacted me regarding a potential position, we discussed how it would address my goals for the future and ensured I was happy to pursue the opportunity. Lyn had done a lot of background work to understand what it was the practice was looking for, to ensure it was a good fit. Lyn supported me in taking that leap, focussed my thoughts when I second guessed myself and reminded me of the benefits of taking this very scary step in my career. I did not feel alone in the process. Lyn understood the psychology behind my fear, my feelings of guilt and my desperation to change my life. Lyn was there to talk me through these uncertain times and keep me focused on my goals.