Wang Ying Chia (Ying)

” I’ve always dreamed of working in a rural practice with supportive and open-minded colleagues and boss, but I had this fear that I wouldn’t be able to get my ideal workplace because I have heard so many unpleasant stories from new graduates. But through Lyn, I was blessed to be introduced to an amazing clinic that ticked all my desires. Lyn Carman was my mentor at my elective placement in Eyre placement in my final year and we became closer by the end of the two-weeks placement. I decided to join Lync Squad after graduation because I wanted to find my ideal workplace. I knew Lyn knew my goals and dreams and she could find me a good match. Lyn has a huge connection in the dental world and once you’re connected to her, she works at her best to find you the best match whether you are looking for a job or looking to hire. I would highly recommend joining Lync Squad if you are a new graduate, only because you might not have many connections and it can be challenging to find a workplace that meets most of your values and desires. “