Amanda Trenerry

I would like to thank Lyn for how she has helped me understand myself a little more. I have
often questioned why I react the way I do to certain stimuli when others couldn’t care less
and why I have often felt like I am barely keeping my head above water when others seem
to be doing water ballet.
Lyns coaching has enlightened me to a new way of thinking. She has taught me that there
are no right or wrong answers or problems to solve, it is simply a journey to understand and
respectfully acknowledge the learnt behaviours from the natural ones, and then to be
present enough to determine how I want to continue living and moving forward.
I would highly recommend investing in coaching with Lyn. Lyn provides a natural, honest,
safe and non-judgemental space to explore how past influences have contributed to current
reality. This knowledge has empowered me to better understand what is authentic for me
and in turn makes me responsible for my choices. I don’t feel like I am on automatic pilot
anymore then wonder why I resent the position I have put myself in. I am still able to do the
things that I know I might have to do in certain situations I just have a greater understanding
of why they do, or don’t, sit well with me.